Vintage Sound, Modern Functionality.

Tell us what features you want for your rack or send us your raw modules and we'll rack them for you to your specifications. Would you like those quarter inch jacks on the front or the rear? Would you like the rack set at 115 or 230 volts? Would you like a black or a silver faceplate? Transformer balanced DI's, VU's, plasma meters, LED meters, phase reversal, adjustable pad, internal or external PSU- tell us what you would like and there's an excellent chance we can do it. From sub-mixers to 8-10 channel Pro Tools sidecars, all our units are custom racked and hand-prepared by us and only the highest quality components are used including:

- heavy duty faceplates and enclosures

- 16-gauge, all-steel rack body finished in a black powder coat (polished steel also available on request)

- military spec switches

- quality attenuators

- Neutrik XLR I/O (gold plated available on request)

- Mogami wiring

- Custom 115/230/240 Volt compatible power supply (desired voltage must be specified and set by us)

- Custom ramped 48 Volt phantom power supply

- Custom relay boards for all switches including Phase, DI, 20 DB pad, etc.

- Highest quality DI transformers (Jensen unless otherwise requested)

Scroll down for more detailed rack pics

Our wiring and racking techniques assure you trouble-free use. We choose to leave the original electrolytic capacitors intact WHENEVER POSSIBLE to maintain the original sound of the unit. In most cases with vintage gear, we do however highly recommend recapping and most often require it in order to provide you with a warranty guarantee. Simply tell us your idea and we'll do all we can to make it a reality.

Prices depend upon what features you want for your rack and upon the modules being racked, but generally start at $400 for units that are not ours to be mounted in a single space 19 inch rack with an internal Power Supply and XLR inputs and outputs. Most racks seem to fall into the $450 to $600 price range. For more information about our racking policies and our policies in general, please check out the "payment and policy" section of our site.

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Telefunken V672/2 Mic Preamp Rack
w/ 65dB gain, Jensen Transformer Balanced DI's, Input and Output Gain Attenuators,
Custom-made Relays for 20 dB Pad, 48V, & two balanced outputs per channel
w/ Polarity Reversal for each output

Neumann PV76 Preamps
w/ Polarity Reversal, 48V, & 20dB Pad

ANT W695B EQ 10-Pack

Neotek Series 1E Channelstrip Rack
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