Here are a some comments from our satisfied customers:

“The Gear Box sold me a pair of Neumann V476B's racked to my specifications. They were very accommodating and offered suggestions to best suit my needs. The wiring inside this "gear box" is very neat and clean and the overall appearance of the unit is top notch! The unit as a whole is wonderful!!! They sound incredible and the amount of gain is astounding. Naturally, these pre's sound great with all my microphones from an SM58 to an M149. For an A/B or X/Y mic set-up, I love running a pair of vintage AKG C451E's with them. The tone of my Neumann CMV-563 with the M7 Kapsule is dark, rich and creamy (how I enjoy my coffee). The Gear Box offers a great selection, professional and personal service with quality workmanship!”

Derrick Acker
Quetzal Recording, Durham, NC
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“The ANT W695B units are working well. They are flawless throughout – no clicks, pops, or crackles anywhere. The racking is sturdy, tidy, and looks at home right in the mastering console. Thank you for your excellent service and suggestions!

Also writing to let you know that since I've had those EQ's modded with smaller gain steps, I've used them on at least half of the projects that I've worked on. They rock! I've been mastering with them in combination with my Manley and Prism EQ's. They have this aggressive presence that works really well now that I've got 1/2dB steps. The bottom end is also really great for cleaning things up with a tight bandwidth value.

Anyway, just thought I'd share,”

Jamie Sitar
Suite Sound Labs Mastering

“I just mixed my first song with the 10 piece ANT W695B rack and a Dangerous 2-bus on an HD system this weekend - I'm never going to work in an SSL room again!

Take care,”

Jamie Sitar
Suite Sound Labs Mastering

“The Neumann PMV 70’s are beautiful and I have been tracking overheads with KMS 84’s through them...very clean and warm. Thanks Aaron!”

Timothy Meaney Seattle, WA

“I find the Neumann PMV 70’s nice in tight in the bottom, with a little subharmonics, between 100 and 800 and they are not as silky as a Neve in the highs, but for the money, they are very nice. Awesome build too. The mids are very good too, for guitars, acoustics are better then electric, but again for the money, they are sleepers.”

Lyle Eccleston
Formerly- Whisky Cove Recording Studio
Winfield, British Columbia

“The Neumann V476B’s are working perfectly...very well received by my fact, they're being used right now. What more can I say?

All the best,

Christopher Donnelly
Sundisc Recording Studio
Flagstaff, AZ

“The gang at The Gear Box really came through for us. The Neumann W491 EQs we bought sound fantastic. We have had particular success on vocals, acoustic guitar, and on our final mixes. The Gear Box did a great job matching and racking the units.”

Lew Kellogg
The Kellogg Music Company
Raleigh, NC

"These Neotek Series One mic pre's/eq's sound great. Full sound, very nice response, very workable eq, not harsh at all. We used them on kick drums and toms mostly. It only took a few minutes to get a really killer sound. Nice full low-end, but not overblown or muddy. Clear top end. Lots of flexibility across the spectrum with the eq. Nice racking job. Solid steel rack chassis, clean wiring job inside. Quick and easy auction transaction. Good communication on shipping status, receipt of payment, etc. Good follow up. Good resource if you're looking for nicely racked vintage outboard gear."

Tom Evans
Binery Studios
Andover, MA

“I have 3 words for the Studer 169’s..."Oh my God"...they are great. I threw on a reel and patched all of them in as an effect. I tried a snare track first. No gating, no compression, and we were getting great sounds with every tweak. Next was the kick track. Once again, no gating or compression, and it ruled the NS10's world. I had an acoustic track from my J100. I got a great sound mixing one channel with a JMeek VC1, and direct on another originally. But dialing up with a Studer strip was deadly. Then there was bass. Thunder, clarity, headroom for days, I made my P bass sound like a Rick with Roto-Sound strings. I can go on, but I think you get the picture.”

Adam Jackson
Norman, OK

"My ANT 695B EQ's are quite elegantly rack-mounted and well built. It is a rarity to such find good vintage units with amazing original sound. Thus far, I’ve been able to use them for every instrument and they have a rich and warm sound, yet silky and clean. It is also great for mastering to add some punch or clean out some mud, and their adjustable Q switches provide more flexibility in the mix. These great units and their great craftsmanship will always be a help to me."

Masanori Yura
New Orleans, LA

"Had some Pro Tools fun this week with the Studers--they give lots of gain and the coloration for electric bass which is pretty cool: fat like 'phat' and bright as a Rick when required. I can just imagine what the Neumanns will do!!! I also had a quick session with some friends locally last Saturday and Sunday (most likely my last one in Japan) and I used a Countryman Associates DI on my friend Mario's Lakland bass and mic'd his Fender 4 X10 cab with an EV RE-20; both sent through the Studer 169 channel strips--I've never heard a bass amp sound so good-- and the DI signal through them--just georgous!"


Jonathan Eisenberg
Yokosuka (yo-KO-ska), Japan

"As a studio owner it is nice to see work done fast and well. These ANT 696B EQ's were shipped from one side of the country to the other in record time and worked beautiful, plus the workmanship is second to none. Thank-you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!"

Lyle Eccleston
Formerly- Whisky Cove Recording Studio
Winfield, BC

"The Neotek Series 1 rack sounds great. It delivers that full, open sound you can't get through stock preamps on a mixer. The rack is well-built and the electronics inside look cleanly assembled. I really can't wait to use it on some of my recordings. The EQ is a big plus. As far as the told me when to expect it and I was happily suprised to see it arrive on time."

Eric Amdur
Geneseo, IL

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