More Racks

Neumann V476B Mic Preamps
w/ VU's and Jensen XFRM Balanced DI's

Telefunken V672D Mic Preamps & Neumann W491A EQ Rack
w/ Input Gain Pots (+65dB gain), Polarity Reversal, 48V, & 20dB Pad

Telefunken V676A Mic Preamps
w/ Polarity Reversal, 48V, & 20dB Pad

OSA mic preamp, Amek compressor, & Neumann W491A EQ Rack
Switchable via custom-made relays in-between Channelstrip Mode and Individual Mode.
In Channelstrip Mode, all units are automatically in circuit. In Individual Mode, all units are
patchable individually via their own rear-mounted XLR inputs and outputs.

Studer 169 Channelstrips


A customer sent us his old, rather beat-up Neumann PV46 mic preamps in an ancient, exposed, and rather ugly case "enclosure" in order for us to work our custom rack-mounting magic. We performed a total renovation of the modules including extensive cleaning & replacing of the electrolytic capacitors, etc, and then installed them in a two-space, 19 inch rack enclosure with input gain pots, plus polarity reversal, 48V, & 20dB Pad switches. Upon request, we used the customer's original mains PSU that came in the old original case.


Neumann PV46 mic preamps

Audix 35102 Mic Preamp/EQ's
w/ Output Attenuators, Sowter Output Transformers
1/4inch DI's, and 48V

API 554 EQ's

Neumann PV 76 Mic Preamp tone-MONSTERS
w/ Polarity Reversal, 48V, 20dB Pad & A10 transformer balanced DI's
(A10 Input Transformers from LA2A's used upon customer request)

Siemens W295B EQ's