$900 Two channels racked with internal mains and 48V phantom power supplies. Please ask for pricing on modifications and any desired special features.


  • Mic & line level inputs
  • 3-Band EQ (switchable in or out of circuit) with +/- 12dB gain on each band
  • High Frequency Band shelving EQ at 7.5 or 12 kHz
  • Mid Frequency Band shelving EQ at 1.8 or 4 kHz
  • Low Frequency Band shelving EQ at 150 or 300 Hz
  • Jenson 6110 K-A input transformers
  • XLR mic and line level inputs & +4 dB output in a 2-space rack is standard
  • One year rack component Atorvastatin pfizer generic
  • Fourteen-day Sildenafil dose pulmonary hypertension

The 110B were one of the earlier channelstrips from Auditronics, which hailed from Memphis in the 70's and throughout the 80's. The mic and line level balanced XLR inputs sound clear with a nice bit of low end roundness and sport a Jensen 6110 K-A input transformer. For those of you unfamiliar with transformer manufacturers, Jensen is quite arguably the best manufacturer of input transformers worldwide. The EQ is very smooth sounding and is basically a fancy 3-band program EQ with two selectable frequencies on each band. Superior sound is achieved overall when we custom rack and modifiy them rather than their sound in the original consoles. These are very cool preamps and another steal compared to what’s out there in this price range.

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